Top Eczema Foods to Avoid

When it comes to cleaning up eczema, finding your top eczema foods to avoid is a huge key in the process. If you know what foods to avoid, then it’s simply a matter of getting down to business and clearing your skin up naturally and safely with a comprehensive diet and lifestyle adjustment. Once you figure out your eczema triggers, you will know exactly what eczema foods to avoid and can begin living life naturally and comfortably again! Here’s a list of some of the most common eczema foods to avoid:

Tomatoes: this is one of my personal allergens when it comes to eczema. I need to avoid things like marinara sauce and ketchup as it will often give me a serious reaction later in the day. My body doesn’t respond effectively to it and I need to get away from it! So just sub out the marinara with some alfredo and hold the ketchup on the burgers to get rid of this eczema food to avoid.

Eggs: I don’t have a sensitivity to eggs, but some people have this as their number one. This eczema food to avoid can often be replaced with cereal or whole grain toast. If you need protein, fix yourself a protein shake in the morning to make up for the lack of protein from the eggs.

Wheat: this eczema food to avoid can be trickier. Unfortunately you need to keep yourself well protected against this by having bread with potato starch instead of wheat bread. It can be a bit tricky to get this at first, but once you do, it will be well worth your while as your eczema symptoms will definitely recede.

Oranges: oranges have a particularly strong citrus that is a very common eczema food to avoid for a lot of people. This can be because of the citrus itself or because of the orange. The key is to get rid of it as well as whatever is causing you to struggle with a reaction, whether it be the citrus or just the orange itself.

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