Hair Loss

Hair Loss

The numbers of products out there that claim to cure hair loss once and for all are too many to count. It’s unfortunate that not all of these products are genuine. Some will only make your situation worse, while others won’t change anything except that there is lees money in your pocket. Duasteride is one such product that people still wonder i it is genuine and effective.

Duasteride is a drug that was used in treating patients that suffered from a large prostate. This was its primary purpose, and to date, it has not been FDA approved for treating hair loss. The similarity between an enlarged prostate and hair loss lies in the hormone that causes both to occur. This is the DHT hormone, hence the reason why Duasteride is so effective. If you are going to look for another type of medication that was originally meant to treat enlarged prostate, is Propecia. Given a choice, though, Duasteride, will effectively restore health and thickness to your hair. A common name to Duasteride is Avordart. Although not officially approved, it is effective and efficient.

Every treatment has its negative impacts and side effects and Duasteride is not any different. If you are suffering from pattern hair loss, it’s a must to have in your medication compartment. However, if you have a different form of hair loss such as a receding hairline, this drug will disappoint you. It is also restricted to men only. Women can not take this drug even if they are suffering from pattern loss, because of its part to play in birth defects in females. Sexual problems have a high chance of occurring when you take this drug. Other problems include liver failure or infection and also prostate cancer.

So the final conclusion to the question, ‘Is Duasteride worth spending money on, when you are man suffering from pattern hair loss?’ Spending money on the drug is worthwhile because it is effective and your hair begins to grow back in those parts that you never thought hair would grow again. You can’t ignore the side effects, neither its effectiveness. This is not the only product out there that effectively treats pattern loss, so when you are not comfortable in going through the possible side effects, you have an option to take the next best thing. If you are suffering from hair loss that is not pattern hair loss, there are treatments as well tailor made for your problem.

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