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Information On Hair Loss Patch Or Alopecia Areata

Do you experience small bald patches on your head that continue to get worse? If this is the case, then this article will give you some information on a type of hair loss patch called Alopecia Areata.

Alopecia Areata is a form of baldness that occurs suddenly, causing patches of bald spots to appear on the head. There are a few different stages of this condition where there is a sudden loss of hair. Although it is not known what causes this condition, it does seem to be hereditary. If one of your parents has this condition, then you may end up with it later on in life.

If you suffer from this condition, there are a few treatment methods that may help, although it is unsure as to which treatment methods will be successful on certain individuals. One treatment method is the use of a natural solution called Provillus. This can be used for both men and women who suffer from this condition.

Cortisone injections, although uncomfortable, have worked on some patients over a period of time. This requires a series of injections once a month to help stimulate hair growth. The hair may not grow back straight away, as it may need a few injections to start with before hair becomes visible on the scalp.

The symptoms of Alopecia Areata are fairly simple to detect. One of the first symptoms is small round patches of missing hair occurring on the head or even beard. The area may tingle or be slightly painful to the touch.

More severe symptoms are when a lot of patches occur on the head. In severe cases the hair will be easy to pull out because the roots are weaker and do not hold their grip on the scalp. There is no real answer as to why this happens, or if the hair will grow back. Most cases the hair will grow back 6 months to a year after it has fallen out, but not in all cases.

If you believe you have this condition and you are worried about it, then why not check with your local doctor to see if you can get some advice on how to cope, or which treatment options to choose from. This condition affects a lot of people around the world. If you are one of these people, why not read up all you can on this condition so you know exactly what to expect and what to treat it with.

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