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Three Reasons For Hair Loss Women

Normally one would never think that a woman can start to lose their hair. Only men can go bald right? That is simply not the case. There are many reasons for hair loss women in fact can lose more then men – because they have more of it to begin with. However there is no need for you to panic. Once you understand the reasons for baldness, you can prevent it from happening.


Some people simply just have it in their genetics to go bald earlier than one would normally. While some believe that baldness can be inherited from one’s father that is a myth. Both parents genetics are a key factor in determining if you will be prone to hair loss. If this is the case, then there is a solution of having an increased amount of testosterone to help combat it.

Medical reasons

If you having a disease called polycystic ovarian syndrome, then that can cause you to go bald. Additionally there are many other medical disorders that can cause one to lose hair. If the hair thinning is a large amount, consider seeing a doctor in order to get a full check up. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Over hygienic

While it is good to keep good hygiene, being over hygienic in shampooing your hair every day of the week can lead to thinning hair. Also make sure that you do not use scalding hot water, because that can be another factor that is leading to your thinning hair. Make sure that you brush your hair the correct way, rather than against your hair.

By understanding the reasons for hair loss in women one can help to prevent it from happening or seek an answer to combat it.

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