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Why Women’s Hair Loss Treatments Are More in Demand Now Than Ever

When most people hear the words hair loss, they think of men. The fact is that 40 percent of balding sufferers are women and most are looking for the best women hair loss treatment available. The quicker you take action the easier it will be to get the hair restored. Some treatments include taking oral medicines but most doctors do not like this method because it can cause havoc with a women’s hormones.

There are many topical solutions such as, natural lotions but these can get costly and will have to be used regularly. Hair replacement is the best way to replace hair but again, this can be very expensive and most insurances will not pay for it because it is considered cosmetic surgery. Some choose not to use any female balding treatment product and simply buy a wig, get a great looking hat etc.

Some women hair treatment reviews say that there are natural herbs that can help with hair loss such as, seaweed or sea vegetables because they contain a high level of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the gel from a aloe vera plant can be massaged into the scalp and stimulate hair production, drinking several cups of green tea everyday or taken in a pill has been known to help hair growth as well.

One of the most popular and inexpensive best women hair loss remedies would be an onion, it has a high content of sulfur which has been known to be a hair healing mineral, you simply take half of an onion, rub on the scalp and then wash. Capsicum, a type of red pepper, draws blood to the scalp releasing histamines that can help stimulate re-growth.

Rosemary has been recommended by natural herb practitioners for years and has been known to promote new cell growth in the scalp. These are just a few natural herbs that have been claimed to help, but no matter what type of natural herb is used, there is no such thing as an over night cure and these may have to be used for an extensive amount of time before any new hair growth is noticeable.

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