Agoraphobia Nutrition Tips

So can you really change your diet and make a serious impact on your anxiety disorder? Can agoraphobia really be lessened or even overcome completely through food and diet alone? Agoraphobia nutrition sounds like a great way to be rid of this debilitating disorder but is it real?

Agoraphobia Nutrition – True or False?

The answer is yes! Diet can help alleviate panic and anxiety for any phobias or disorders. It will not solve the problems completely. But it can make massive inroads for many people afflicted with agoraphobia. It is the basic starting block to reshaping your life and becoming a mentally healthy person that can live life free of fear and worry.

What is an Agoraphobia Diet?

The best and simplest way to start a diet to counter agoraphobia is to know what you should NOT consume, and what you need to eat MORE of. Start be eliminating any of the gad foods gradually form your diet and each time replace them with a healthier alternative. Soon you will have swapped all the bad for good. Below is a list to get you started!

Food to Avoid:

Caffeine – This stimulant will make you more anxious. Even small amounts can be bad for anxiety sufferers.

Too Much Sugar – Sugar is also a stimulant that raises your blood sugar. You will get a sugar high which makes it easier to have panic attacks.

Processed Foods – Foods that are too processed are devoid of many nutrients you need. These often turn to blood sugar fast giving you a lot of quick energy that will lead to panic attacks as your adrenal glands fire up.

White Bread – The worst of processed food that people regularly eat!

Alcohol – Booze is another on the list of 'to avoid'

Dairy Foods – Too much calcium can have an adverse effect on your magnesium levels. Magnesium is very important for muscle relaxation which will help calm you.

Good Foods

Water – Hydration is essential. Many time you feel back water can almost immediately make you feel a little better. Avoid dehydration and you will see results.

Low GI Foods

Such as:

  • Oats
  • Legumes
  • Most vegetables
  • Selected Fruits

Glycerine – This substance reduces stress hormones very fast. Mix with water and drink before you head into a stressful situation.

Alkaline Forming Foods – Some foods cause our body to become more acidic. Processed foods, very sweet foods, anything that our ancestors would not have eaten too much of. Alkaline forming foods are the opposite. They reduce the acidity and allow the body to function much better including stopping anxiety attacks. Eat more alkaline forming foods to get this benefit and cut down on acidic foods.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Recent research has shown that omega 3 fatty acids have a positive effect on keeping moods normalised and stopping depression which is very closely linked with anxiety. More fatty fish and some seeds / nuts will help you get more of these.

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