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How to Overcome Obesity Starts Within

In overcoming obesity, the first step is to establish whether you are obese or not. Before I go any further, I would like to define obesity. Obesity traditionally has been defined as a weight at least 20% above the weight corresponding to the lowest death rate for individuals of a specific height, gender, and age (ideal weight). Twenty to forty percent over ideal weight is considered mildly obese; 40-100% over ideal weight is considered moderately obese; and 100% over ideal weight is considered severely, or morbidly, obese. Being obese can have very negative effects in our lives like for example:

1. Low levels of energy

2. Very low self-confidence

3. Possible health hazards

4. Unhappiness

5. Depression

In overcoming obesity, you must ask yourself the question which is, am I mildly obese, moderately obese or severely obese? If the answer is "YES" to any of those questions, would you like to do something about your obese situation? Somebody who has weight gain can turn their situation into weight loss.

The number one reason for being obese is very bad eating and drinking habits. These are generally acquired habits of months and even years. In overcoming obesity, you must first ask yourself the question which is "What is obesity doing to me in my life at the moment? Is it making me experience constant very low levels of energy most of the time? Am I feeling depressed and unhappy most of the time about my weight gain situation? " If you have answered to any of those questions saying "YES" it is now time for you to do something about this negative situation.

Most people who become obese will find it hard to break out of this situation. Most will find themselves trapped for years. Do not allow that to be YOU. You have the ability to steer yourself in the right direction. It is not going to be easy but, it is going to be very hard staying the way that you are. It is going to mean work. It is going to mean new eating and drinking habits. It is going to mean you deciding not to be obese anymore. It is about deciding that you are going to become a trimmer, slimmer and healthier person. Give yourself three months to see positive and motivating change. Form very good eating habits and exercise regularly. The truth is you can do it, by first deciding that you can in your mind.

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