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Let’s Talk About The Frequent Causes Of Obesity – Hypodynamia

The rise enough to see one of the reasons for the increase in the frequency of obesity. The mooring linked, and that excess weight is a more urban residents than rural, and the intellectuals, more often than those who work physically. Sometimes, when people began put on weight simply changing apartments from the fifth floor to the first. Provided, of course, he had previously lived in a house with an elevator and a fifth floor walk on foot.

Very often, excess weight appears to have the athletes after sport. Often, young people grow fat after returning from the army. Physical inactivity, or to talk, a slight decrease consumption of energy may arise in humans in a variety of situations. For example, married people, and must not be, as in the past, to run the accident, worry about face. Or was the work of the Chief of evil. Vacated. Considered good. And all died down, relax.

Man went to work urban transport, ran for trams. Purchased the car. Now at work on the work, shop, from the shop, he moves sitting. When trying to find the person, which he linked the increase in weight often hear, I do not know, like and EM as eating and living as lived. But discover often neither will it be. Or sport threw, or married, or had bought a car …

And did you know that the rule consumption of energy reduced by about 10% for every decade of life? So, three decades of energy spent on average 10% less than two decades, 40s, 20%, 30% fifty years and so on. This is a decrease in the so-called core exchange, the energy, which is used for maintenance of essential functions in a state of tranquility, breathing, heart activity, the liver, kidney, intestine, feeding relaxed muscles, etc.

Your body with age as a learn live more economically. Cost savings and increased frequency of obesity with age, a fact well known. Judge for yourselves – twenties girls in excess mass occurs with a frequency of 15%, the thirty women this figure rising to 27%, and the 40s, it is approaching 50%.

So, enough consumption of energy or reduction is a common cause of increasing weight. A common, but not universal. Some, if not all will be linked to excess fat mooring.

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