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Obesity and Ovarian Cysts

There is an epidemic of obesity in America. In conjunction with obesity, there is a rise in ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer also. Woman who develop ovariancysts after menopause are usually at higher risk for ovarian cancer. This is due

to higher amounts of “bad estrogen” known as estradiol. Even though the general levels of all estrogens are low, the balance of “good”(estriol) and bad estrogens is usually not optimal.

Is their a connection between being overweight and suffering with ovarian cysts? In what way can obesity influence the body to produce ovarian cysts or aggravate them? The answer to the previous question is a definite Yes.

Many years ago science thought of fat as just a layer of grease building up under our skin. In other words fat was fat and other than making us look ugly, it doesn’t really have any other effect on the body.

Today science has discovered that adipose tissue (fat) can be classified as an organ or a functional tissue. In simpler words, fat has many functions and produces different chemicals that affect the body in many ways.

An example would be diabetics who many times develop a fatty liver. Fatty liver will occasionally lead to cirrhosis of the liver and sometimes liver cancer. Why? Because fatty tissue produces chemicals that cause inflammation. Constant inflammation damages tissue (cirrhosis) and may lead to cancer.

Fatty tissue is also known to produce various hormones especially estrogen. So this is connection. Excess fatty tissue will produce hormones and stimulate ovarian cysts, fibroids, fibrocystic disease, endometriosis etc.

Another important correlation between obesity and ovarian cysts is that eating and life-style habits in persons who have too much weight are usually predisposing factors for ovarian cysts.

So by avoiding life-style habits that promote to much weight, ovarian cysts can also be prevented. Habits such as:

1. Lack of exercise

2. Too much calories in the diet

3. Low fiber diet

4. To little consumption of fruits and vegetables especially of the cabbage family

Lack of exercise and low fiber in the diet increases estrogen levels. Many fruits and vegetables interfere or block excess estrogen from stimulating the ovaries. Broccoli, Cabbage, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts are the main ones. They are also high in fiber and nutrients.

Adding 2 tbs of ground flaxseeds to the diet can also help in regulating the bodies hormonal system.

Conclusion: By maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the life-style habits that predispose to weight gain, can be an important step in the prevention and cure of ovarian cysts.

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