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On Pins and Needles About Weight Loss? Consider Injections and a Healthy Eating Plan!

Losing weight effectively and safely requires an individual analysis of one's personal health and primary goals. While a healthy eating plan comprises a major part of the plan, diet alone may not provide the maximum results possible. The solution to achieving one's weight loss goals can be found by following a comprehensive four-step plan. This includes a customized diet, education regarding diet and exercise, caloric stabilization, and specially prepared injections designed for permanent weight loss. Effective weight loss can lead to better health and improved quality of life.

Whether it be adult men or women, everyone's needs differ when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. A person's medical history and lifestyle help to determine the best way to structure a sensible program. That is why it is important to meet with an expert who will provide a private one-on-one consultation with each client. The consultation begins by gathering personal information about present lifestyle and goals.

How It All Begins

The consultation should take about an hour. First and foremost, it's important to learn about the client's medical history. In addition, ascertaining the individual's body weight, measurements, and caloric intake will provide a clear picture of how to go about structuring the proper healthy eating plan and weight loss program. As a precursor, obtaining a blood sample is also common. A physician will be on hand to answer questions and evaluate the client's needs. In addition, a trained counselor will guide the individual through the simple method of self-administration of injections.

Understanding the Fat Loading and Injection Phases

With the educational aspect, caloric stabilization, and healthy eating plan underway, the client can focus on the following two phases of the customized program. This includes fat loading and hormone injections. A major concern and question of most every client will be to ask: "Are the hormone injections safe?" The answer is most assuredly, yes. Equally important, these injections are performed at home, at one's own convenience. A qualified instructor will explain how to perform the task.

Useful tools will help the individual along the way. This will include a workbook with tips and advice. It helps the person keep track of their weight and meals.

Because the body stores important fat to be used as fuel for energy, a fat loading process will be initiated. This includes a two-day intake of high-fat foods. The idea is to ward off hunger and provide energy on a daily basis as the person loses weight. The process can be tracked via a mobile application that may be downloaded onto a computer tablet or smartphone. The next step is self-administering hormone injections at home to help the individual meet his or her goals.

This approach is a unique way to shed the pounds and maintain a healthy weight throughout one's life.

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