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The Connection Between Child Obesity And Fitness

Our modern society is one that is, unfortunately, plagued by weight issues. Our poor diets fueled by convenience foods and our sedentary lifestyle exacerbated by computers and televisions, have spawned a culture that battles obesity more than ever. It should be no surprise, therefore, that our children are fighting similar battles. Childhood obesity continues to be one of the most dangerous conditions facing children today. A childhood spent battling weight is often a predicator of an adulthood spent battling weight. That’s why it’s so important to face child obesity head on, implementing lifestyle changes that can have a profound impact on future health. Obviously diet is a large component of child obesity. But the connection between child obesity and fitness is just as strong.

Poor choices in food along with a skewed concept of appropriate portions can undoubtedly fuel child obesity. Clearly, part of making lifestyle changes with children who are battling obesity involves critical diet modifications. This includes minimizing highly processed foods that often contain large amounts of saturated fat, sugar, and salt. Rather, there should be a transition to a diet focused on whole, natural foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. High sugar juices and soft drinks should be immediately eliminated and replaced with water or low-fat milk.

But just as important is the link between child obesity and fitness. In this modern world, children are often more inclined to play on their computer and watch television than play outside. It is absolutely essential to integrate physical activity into a daily routine. Part of laying the groundwork for a healthy adulthood is instilling healthy habits in the lives of children.

Child obesity and fitness is just one component in the quest to get healthy. An overall lifestyle change that will mean a future spent at a healthy weight requires a fundamental commitment on all levels – in diet, exercise, and emotional dedication. The good news is that if you create a healthy connection between child obesity and fitness – in that an increase in physical activity has the child experiencing positive physical changes – you will forever instill that connection in them. The result can be a lifetime of health and vitality.

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