Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Instant Fixes For Looking Slimmer

Want to look slimmer instantly? There are a few smart things you can do. While nothing is going to replace a healthy diet and exercise program for helping you get a leaner look you will love, there are steps you can take to help you instantly appear to be five to ten pounds lighter. Here is what you should know …

1. Stand Up Taller. The best way to immediately look thinner is to stand up taller. By using good posture, you will help lift the rib cage which in turn will help to elevate your entire body, shrinking those love handles.

Take a good look at how you are currently standing right now. Are you standing tall and proud? Or are you hunched over? Now take a deep breath in and then release it.

What happened? Chances are you immediately looked thinner.

2. Drink More Water. It is also essential you are drinking enough water during the day. This can help prevent bloating, which would otherwise make your stomach appear distended and puffy.

Drinking more water is particularly crucial for women who may be suffering from period-related bloat. Aim for eight to ten glasses of water each day.

3. Work Up A Sweat. Sometimes the best remedy for looking thinner is to get out and exercise. Working up a sweat will allow you to flush out excess water, again in turn, making you seem a few pounds lighter.

It is not abnormal at all for some women to be carrying two to three pounds of water weight, so anything you can do to shed those pounds will be of benefit.

While cardio training is the best exercise to do for this purpose, weightlifting can also work. Just do keep in mind intense training does tend to cause mild inflammation in the body, which can make you look a little swollen and not as lean.

4. Pay Closer Attention To The Foods You Eat. Finally, start paying more attention to the foods you eat during the day. Certain foods may not sit as well with your body and could lead to bloating and abdominal distention. If you notice you get this way after eating a particular food, try cutting it out and see if this remedies the situation.

There you have a few steps you can take if you want to look slimmer instantly and feel more confident while you are working hard on your diet plan.

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