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Weight Loss – The Emotions Of Eating

So they take leaves off a tobacco plant and dry it and smash it up then mix in about 50 chemicals, some of which are toxic … Who ever thought of that?

Next they role it in paper, put in boxes and sell them for over $ 40 a packet … wow these cigarette things must be great!

People put them into their mouths and light them up and suck the deadly smoke into their lungs … Holy cow now it's getting really weird!

Most people cough their way through the first few, but tough it out to look good in front of their friends, and many get used to it and just keep on smoking.

They continue smoking, spending thousands of dollars, and gradually their health declines and all too many die from cancer … Gee that's not a very happy ending, but at least the cigarette companies are happy!

Apologies to Jerry Seinfeld for my poor attempt at his style of humor, but he does such a great job of seeing the humor in absurd situations.

And when you think about it, smoking sure is a very strange habit. But it was sold beautifully by marketing companies, to generations of unsuspecting victims, proclaiming that women who smoked were more independent and glamorous, and men who smoke were either rugged or sophisticated.

And all along the marketers won, the cigarette companies won and those who distributed and them and sold won, but you the smoker were the big loser.

So maybe it's time to stick it to the cigarette industry and vote with your feet by quitting. There is no revenge really, just withdraw your financial support and focus your attention on restoring your health.

Perhaps your actions will flow down to a friend or family member and convince them to quit also, maybe you could influence a younger person to quit or even to never start, who knows how many lives you could save by quitting, including your own of course .

Jerry Seinfeld does great comedy and while attempting to make light of smoking may be a bit of fun, the reality is there is nothing funny or comedic about smoking, it has ruined and destroyed millions of lives.

Quitting is not only the best thing to do it's doable, when you use hypnosis as your means to quit you have a great chance of quitting, so it's just a matter of deciding and committing yourself to caring for yourself.

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