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What Role Does Dieting Play in Obesity Treatment

People give a very little thought towards eating habit or simple reasons as to why they eat. Have you ever asked yourself this question – Why do you eat?

While conducting an online survey, the most common answers to this question, which we received, were because people were tired, hungry, or their stomach was rumbling. In addition to this, sometimes people eat because they are bored, sad, happy, or just because it’s the usual time when they have lunch / dinner. Sometimes the temptation to eat good food makes them eat more – like a hot chocolate covered brownie or donut looks good and is tempting to eat.

It’s our eating habits, which makes our body obese or slender; both the conditions whether obesity or malnutrition depend on our eating habits.

Our eating habits consist of many parameters – the time when we eat, frequency in which we eat, amount of food we eat each time and mix of nutrients we consume; and whenever something goes wrong we are entrapped into one of the two conditions – obesity or malnutrition.

In this specific article we will discuss the role dieting plays in obesity treatment:

Let’s first understand what obesity is:

  • Obesity is generally referred to a medical condition where excess body fat accumulates to an extent where it can lead to low life expectancy and many other health problems like obstructive sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, heart diseases and more
  • It is generally measured and defined by body mass index (BMI) and BMI is closely related to both percentage body fat and total body fat
  • Obesity is one of leading causes of early death and it is now being viewed as one of the most serious health problems of 21st century

Let’s face it, obesity not only has health hazards but, it can affect our overall personality and we all want to look perfect just like our other desires – money, fame and love. Hence, it is very important that you consider dieting whenever you think you are obese.

Dieting plays a three-way role while dealing with obesity, which removes the extra weight, leaving a healthy and good looking body.

Let’s understand how:

  1. Balance Nutritious and Healthy Food Supplements: A diet plan would always have a list of nutritious and healthy food supplements which are required for a healthy body structure and growth. Just like you need to fuel your car or recharge your mobile battery, you need to eat healthy food for a good body structure; but excess and deficit of everything is fatal, hence, a diet plan consists a perfect mix of necessary nutrients (like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc. with a low fat percentage) as per your body structure and requirements. Hence, your body will have the capacity to burn the extra fat, while still managing to sustain the daily routine.
  2. Channelize Frequency in Which We Eat: one of the most common mistakes, we usually make, is to eat anytime and every time, which is why we tend to get obese and we lose control over our body and we gain a lot of extra fat. A proper diet plan schedules this eating frequency and scheduling the timely intervals before we eat again. This is not only effective in controlling the fat accumulation in body, but also for bowel movements and by adopting a proper diet schedule you may not have risks of improper bowel movement or stool problems.
  3. The Little Helpers: While people in 21st century were lured by burger and pizza joints offering a wide range of tasteful junk food, they forgot benefits of having “the little helpers” or vitamins, minerals and roughage (dietary fiber) as a part of routine eating habits; the major reason why obesity has become one of the most challenging situation for most of the developed economies like the United States of America. A good diet plan has more of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber which accelerates metabolism and facilitates good overall digestive system; making it difficult for fats to store inside your body cells.

To conclude, I would like to say, no matter if you are a normal-weight or over-weight, you must follow a proper diet schedule and plan for a long lasting healthy life. Eat Healthy, Live Healthy!!!

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